Friday, 5 March 2010

Help Me Now!

I believe the most important word in any language is "help."

I have observed that although people are willing to help, most people won't offer help unless they're asked, as they don't want to impose.

The wonderful thing, I find, about asking for help is it's rather like dialing 999 for the ambulance, police or fire brigade. You're given top priority.

So last night, even though I went to bed early, I was tossing and turning and twitching all over. At first, I tried meditating and using affirmations to help me relax but they didn't work. Then I got desperate and thought: "Help!" In no time at all, I was having sweet dreams.

Don't ask me how it happened! Don't know, don't care!

I reckon there are all these angels on standby urging humans to ask for help but we're too busy trying to be independent until we get desperate and have to holler: "Help me!"

Why wait for an emergency situation to ask for help? I can ask for help all the time. Someone has to put those bone-idle angels to work.

Help me now!


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