Saturday, 6 March 2010

Can Love Save?

For thousands of years, philosophers and poets have been waxing lyrical about the wonder and power of love. If love is so powerful and all we need, why is it that love doesn't always meet the need?

How come people who are in love can't save each other from pain and suffering? Why don't people's love save people from tragedies and disasters? You only have to watch the news or read the newspapers to see that when the going gets tough, love is not saving people.

What about parental love, which is meant to be unconditional? Some parents even make "sacrifices" for their kids. I know my mother loves me and when I was a child, she would have done anything to protect me. Yet her love could not protect me from sickness, nor could it prevent me from being in a car accident. (Fortunately, there was another Force at work which saved me from serious harm).

My point is if love is so powerful and what makes the world go round, then based on recent natural disasters, love either has little or no power or is fast asleep.

There are those who might argue that the reason why love doesn't always save people is because of the individual's karma; or the person planned to experience tragedy in order that they could grow and learn valuable lessons. I don't buy into those excuses at all.

I believe love is the only power, however, how people experience that power depends on people's realisation of love. Let's say there are 4 perspectives of experiencing love. I'm going to borrow the glass analogy i.e.

Category A - those who always see the glass as half-empty.
Category B - those who always see the glass as half-full.
Category C - those who always see the glass as full and overflowing.
Category D - those who know there is no glass, just the One being everything including the glass.

Category A see love as very limited which has to be earned. Because there is so little love, they will do all they can to protect the little love that they have and even sacrifice for their loved ones. They are also constantly living in fear that what they have will be taken away from them. When the worse does happen, it confirms what they believe to be true that love is very limited and needs to be protected or defended at all cost.

While Category B still see love as limited, they tend to focus more on how love is being expressed in their lives, which makes them very grateful for the love they have. Because they focus on what they have, their love is magnified and they experience a lot more.

Category C know love is not something that you earn or have to do something to get; they know Love is everywhere. You don't have to sacrifice anything as there is enough love to go round and for all to share. It's a matter of becoming aware; and your awareness activates that love.

Category D have realised that because there is only One expressing in infinite forms, the One is expressing infinite love as them. In other words, they know themselves as the source of love, which means they are endlessly pouring out love wherever they are.

(Please note that the categories are simply models I'm using to make my point; it doesn't mean that one category is better than another. I'm reminded of the old adage: one man's meat is another's poison. In other words, while someone might hate snow, a photographer or an artist could produce works of art from that snow. So it's not about right or wrong but about individual preference).

Because like attracts like, like-categories will tend to attract like-categories. Thus, someone in Category A, for instance, is likely to attract Category A's as friends and associates. The likelihood of someone in Category A attracting someone in Category D is so slim, it would take a miracle; but it is not impossible as all things are possible with Love.

Let's say for argument's sake someone in Category A wishes to experience life from Category C or D?

I believe the Universe will respond by sending someone to experience life with who will "raise" you to your preferred category. You will then find your ideas and circumstances transforming accordingly. Life may even seem magical at times. However, be sure that it is what you truly want and are ready for it, or the sudden shifts in perspectives might be so drastic that you might be tempted to revert to your comfort zone where you feel safe, albeit miserable. Then again, there have been some great songs inspired by human misery.

Another way one can experience a category shift is by being in the presence of someone in your preferred category. Now it makes sense why many people travel thousands of miles to see gurus in India because they know that being in the presence of someone who is constantly pouring out joy, love, peace and wisdom is not only uplifting but transformational.

Still another way to experience a category shift is to be devoted to someone, past or present, who is in your preferred category. You could choose to follow the teachings of your preferred guru, master or teacher; and by studying their ideas, they help to "uplift" you.

I believe if you are really serious about switching categories permanently, you need to commit to walking the path, which a lot of people are not willing to do.

Back to my earlier question about why some people's love seem to have little or no power to save. If someone's default mode is "glass is half-empty", they find it difficult to give love anyway as they're always thinking they haven't got enough; or living in fear of not having enough. How can your love be any good to your loved ones if you're always expecting the worse? It's rather like the conflicting views nutritional experts have about foods. One expert might say such and such is good for you; while another expert tells you that same food is bad for you. Something can't be both good and bad. The moment there is conflict, the thing loses its power.

I believe if you want your love to have power to save, then love with all your being; love without fear. In other words, you could choose to experience life from Category C or D.

If by Grace, I manage to attract someone in Category C or D, who not only takes a personal interest in me but wants to be my friend, I would be a fool to let him go.


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