Saturday, 20 February 2010

The Scientist

When I was at secondary school (in the A-Stream) there were compulsory subjects we had to study i.e. maths, biology, English Language and English Literature. Then we had to choose four other subjects either Arts or Science. As I didn't like Geography and History, I chose Chemistry and Physics instead even though I wasn't very good at them. I did enjoy the experiments though.

Later on when I wento university, I ended up studying media & cultural studies which is part of the school of social science.

I am a scientist at heart. It's because of my love of experiments that's why I have been interested in healing, magic and miracles. I do find that it's not enough to believe in something, it has to be demonstrated. In other words, I need to see it in action. Most of the stories I share are about how I have tested out my assumptions/beliefs and have them demonstrated in "ordinary life."

Conclustion: Life is a laboratory for me to experience infinite variations of Love.

Enocia, the Scientist

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