Friday, 26 February 2010

Love Bridges

Even though I have no problem connecting with "strangers" I meet every day, as I believe everyone is my "friend" anyway, there are many ways I find to reach people or for people to reach me. I call them Love Bridges. Here are a few.

Animals, especially dogs and cats, make excellent love bridges. I happen to love dogs anyway and find them so delightful. As I was walking home, I noticed this cute guy walking his dog. The dog had a contraption around its neck. I asked the man what was wrong and he said the dog had been injured and it helps to keep his neck in place. It didn't stop the dog being friendly and he tried to jump on me but I stopped it as I didn't want its wet paws on my jacket. I noticed the guy had an Italian accent. I happen to love Italian as a language though I don't speak it. After chatting to the young man for a few minutes, I wished him well. His smile was so beautiful and radiant, I reckon it lit the whole town.

Another love bridge is admiring what people are wearing or carrying. It only takes a brief "Love your scarf!" to make me smile. Earlier today, I noticed this girl with a black and red outfit which matched her black and red shoes. Her black plaits also had a few strands of red. She was so cute I had to tell her how much I loved her outfit. She smiled and thanked me.

Young kids are excellent love bridges as they are naturally friendly and speak to anyone.

Another love bridge is to offer help to someone like carrying their shopping. Even if they say no, at least in that moment we still connect.

Just saying hello to "strangers" works wonders. I find people are very receptive when I acknowledge their presence.

The simplest love bridge is to just smile. There's nothing like a smile to brighten my day.

Who says Londoners are unfriendly? I think London is the friendliest city in the world. :-D

Love is all there is.


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