Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Cause and Effect

"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble." Psalm 46: 1
Where there is a cause, there is always an effect.

I have observed that at any moment I am either being the cause and in control of my life experiences or I am being the effect and at the whim of thoughts and experiences. That's why I have this ritual I practise every morning when I affirm that God/Love (what I believe to be God) as the only Cause.

The God/Love I believe is always available and is in fact my own self. Therefore, I don't need to call on a saviour, guru, master, angel, channeller, to mediate on my behalf, all I have to do is call on the Love in me and "receive" all the Love I need in every moment.

The God/Love I believe in doesn't create suffering or give me experiences to test me or for me to learn lessons from the experience, but Love can transform whatever experience I have "created" to good.

The God/Love I believe in wants me to be happy.

There are times, despite my conviction, when I get caught up in effects. The good news is the effects can be reversed in any moment.

So while I was doing some research in the local library I felt a slight thud in my right temple which I ignored. Suddenly, I experienced loss of vision in my left eye signifying the start of a migraine.

I've been experiencing migraines since I was a child which come with several effects. First is the temporary loss of vision. During this stage I also experience temporary amnesia and lose the faculty that gives things and experiences meanings. When that faculty is not available, I see all words as discrete with no connections, which makes reading meaningless and communication very difficult. If someone were to ask me what 2 + 2 was I wouldn't know what they were talking about as I would have no concept of numbers and maths. I wouldn't even know who my mother was as I would have no concept of relationships; I would just sense good feelings from her. While I'm out and going through this crisis, I'm aware of a Presence/Intelligence which usually guides me home.

Once my vision clears up, my memory returns followed by the thumping headache on one side of my head accompanied by nausea and stomach upset. The headache can last anything from a few hours to several days.

I stopped taking pills and medication about 10 years ago. Over the years, when I've experienced migraines on and off, I have been relying on prayer and Truth realisations for healing.

Back to the migraine. While I could still communicate and reason, I decided that instead of letting the migraine be the cause and suffer all the effects, I was going to let Love be the Cause. I also believe Love does not create migraines. I affirmed "Love is the only Cause." Then I phoned a friend who I had arranged to meet up that evening to tell him I wasn't feeling well and heading home to have a rest. I said I would let him know if I can meet up in a few hours. Fortunately, as I was local, it only took me about 15 minutes to walk home.

At home, I told my mother that I was experiencing a migraine and she said she was sorry to hear that. She didn't offer me any pills as she now knows that my way of dealing with it is to go into myself.

In bed, I repeated my "Love is the only Cause" mantra. I noticed I could still think and my memory was still intact. I also noticed my vision was clearing up. When I lifted my head, I felt a dull throb and decided to rest for another hour or so. I fell asleep. When I woke up my vision had returned to normal and the headache had been erased. I felt no nausea or stomach upset. I texted my friend to tell him I would be meeting him later as planned. After I had something to eat, I got ready to leave. My mother was astonished that I was feeling better so quickly and even planning to go out. I told her there was no point staying at home as the "obstacle" had been erased.

When I make Love the Cause, I experience Love's Effects, which in this example were healing, being able to spend time with someone I enjoy being with; and producing this piece, which might be helpful to someone.

Love is the Cause and the Effect in every moment.


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